WaveMaker 6.3 – Community Edition Only

May 6, 2011

VMware’s legal review of WaveMaker is wrapping up.  As a result, the Engineer team needs to implement a couple changes to WaveMaker.  Please be assured these changes are the top priority for the development team.  We know the WaveMaker user community is anxious for the next release.  We want to ship 6.3.1 Beta very badly and will do so this month.  Sorry to keep you all waiting.

I have some great news regarding WaveMaker Community edition.  Beginning with WaveMaker 6.3.1 Beta there will be only one edition – the Community edition.  WaveMaker 6.2 (and earlier releases) had two editions: Enterprise and Community.  The Enterprise edition contained features that were only available to paying users.  WaveMaker 6.3.1 will include all features in the Community edition.  If you want to access Oracle, DB2, or SQLServer databases you’ll be able to do so in the Community edition.  WebSphere and WebLogic deployment will be allowed from the Community edition.  Role-based access control – Community edition.  LDAP and JOSSO – Community too.  One version, all features.  All open source under Apache V2.

The installation process for WaveMaker will be slightly more complicated in WaveMaker 6.3.1, necessitated by legal requirements.  Installation will require two steps: download and install the core WaveMaker product then install additional components separately.   The team is working (as I type this blog) to make the new installation process reasonably simple, albeit not quite as simple as earlier WaveMaker versions.

I sincerely apologize for the delay.  We’ll ship the new release very soon.  Thanks for your patience.

6 Responses to “WaveMaker 6.3 – Community Edition Only”

  1. jed says:

    Multi-tenancy is included in 6.3.1 Community edition?

  2. Vimalb says:

    I have started playing with the wavemaker a month ago i’m having zero programming experience, also i am not a developer, i am manufacturing guy looking to develop a app for my company. i am stunned on this platform. simple!simple!simple! what else can i say?. the RBAC which is not in community edition is now in community edition 6.3.1. thanks for making me joyous.Expecting the release so soon!!!!

  3. Umar Bakri says:

    because community edition can acces sql server, only one word that I can say… FANTASTIC…. :D

    god must be hear my pray… :D

  4. Vimal says:

    Kindly release the beta dev build at the earliest. also please consider the themes in the wavemaker. the themes are not pleasing. also it is not enterprisey. kindly include the open sourced theme “Aristo” by cappucino which will be supported by the dojo theme.

  5. Ahmed Masud says:

    6.3.0DEV looks so much nicer than 6.2.5GA … Can’t wait for 6.3.1 any eta on it yet?

  6. This is great news! :) I was looking forward to getting my hands dirty with WM and LDAP and I’m absolutely thrilled at the idea of having all the features in the Community edition! Thank you!

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