WaveMaker 6.3.2 GA Available Now – All Apache License

June 28, 2011

WaveMaker 6.3.2 GA released today. Beginning with this release all WaveMaker source code is licensed under the Apache license, version 2.0. This is the first GA release of WaveMaker since being acquired by VMware. Releasing WaveMaker as 100% open source demonstrates VMware’s commitment to open source and to the WaveMaker user community.

In addition to the license change WaveMaker 6.3 includes a number of improvements.  WaveMaker Studio is easier to use with:

  • an improved set of tabs for Palette, Model, and Services
  • available active tabs for each service in the project
  • save indicators and project-wide save
  • simplified navigation between pages
  • moveable palette and properties to increase the canvas size
  • drag and drop widgets within the model tree
  • menu editor
  • improved code editors, including formatting, validation, and auto-completion
  • bundled image lists

See the release notes for details, as the list above outlines a portion of the enhancements included in WaveMaker 6.3.

WaveMaker 6.3 is available for download here.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of WaveMaker Studio, please remember to clear you browser cache before running WaveMaker 6.3.

5 Responses to “WaveMaker 6.3.2 GA Available Now – All Apache License”

  1. Alex says:

    Unlike 6.3.1 Beta this one does not have multitenancy :( ?
    I thought this edition onwards there is only one edition – i,e community edition.

  2. admin says:

    Hi, The 6.3.2GA does support multi-tenancy. If you are having trouble, please post your questions to the forums at dev.wavemaker.com/forums. Thank you!

  3. Tony Mobily says:


    This fantastic piece of software should have way more visibility and a much wider userbase.

    Thank you vmware, thank you team!


  4. Richard says:

    Great product!

  5. This fantastic piece of software should have way more visibility and a much wider userbase.

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