Announcing the release of WaveMaker 6.5.3

March 14, 2013


The WaveMaker team is pleased to announce the release of WaveMaker 6.5.3, the final patch release to the WaveMaker 6.5.X familly. WaveMaker 6.5.3 addresses critical issues found in the 6.5.X releases. For further information about the release, please see the 6.5.3 release notes.

The most significant issue addressed by the 6.5.3 release is a legal one; the removal of the JDK that has been delivered with previous Windows versions. The license to distribute the Oracle JDK will not be renewed as Pivotal. This mean that WaveMaker 6.5.3 must be the only release that VMware/Pivotal will be able to distribute going forward. All previous releases have been removed from the download site in compliance with the JDK license expiration.

WaveMaker 6.5.3 will be the last release of WaveMaker by VMware, Inc. As part of VMware’s Pivotal Initiative and overall restructuring, VMware has chosen to terminate its support of the WaveMaker project. It has been wonderful to watch both WaveMaker and its community grow and mature under VMware’s stewardship. We shall miss the many talented people of VMware and SpringSource.

The WaveMaker community is a fantastic group of people and simply one of the best communities a project could wish for. The WaveMaker team is determined to see that the project continues forward. We are happy to say that we believe we have identified a new home for WaveMaker. There are still details to be sorted out and we hope to soon be able to announce the results of those efforts on this very blog shortly. Those of you who have played with the new composite components, the security upgrade and other enhancements of the 6.6 pre-release know that we’ve got some good stuff queued up for our first post-VMware release.

Watch this very blog for more news soon!

28 Responses to “Announcing the release of WaveMaker 6.5.3”

  1. Geo says:

    Hi Edward

    So, is Wavemaker Studio project closing or not? Or just only the collaboration with WMare is finished?

    When the new version/edition of the WaveMaker 6.6 will be released and what new/updated features will have?


  2. Spekkio7 says:

    Sad to hear vmware wont comtinue. But I hope for the best. Thank you VMWARE for polishing this product so far

  3. Hello Geo,

    Only VMware’s sponsorship of WaveMaker is finished.
    The WaveMaker project will continue under a new sponsor who will help set new release schedules and roadmaps.


  4. Kiran says:

    Wavemaker team,
    Its a great tool and it has huge potential .Please keep it growing.
    It has one of the best community i have ever seen.
    MK,ED your support is amazing. Please target more on Mobile feature releases.

    All the best,Hope you find the right sponsor.


  5. garrison says:

    Couldnt have said it any better or more concisely than Kiran, so ditto

  6. Spekkio7 says:

    Yeeaa i forgot to thank michael kantor and ed callahan for all their help!!,

  7. raguero says:


    I have finished my first “Hello world” using WaveMaker and i love it.
    Is WaveMaker going to be commercial after these sponsorship change?



  8. Hello Ricardo,

    The prospective buyer informs us that their intention is to continue have a free, open-source product.


  9. jguy says:

    Wavemaker is by far the best tool I have had the pleasure to use for building real world business apps and websites. You guys have just put so much clever thinking into it. Its not just a nice ajax screen painter, but has huge depth with the way it binds to parts within. It truly is the PowerBuilder of the web

    PLease, Please keep it going

    Why not go down the subscription route or some form of payment to fund the project and double the core team working on it full time

    I would happily pay for it

    Open Source doesnt have to mean its free of cost

  10. raffic says:

    i love wavemaker so much. keep up the good works . please find a way to make it load faster on the web. it fits my aspirations as a softwware developer/marketer . keep up the good works

  11. Bob says:

    Subscription support may be the way to go. If a commercial organization wants to use the product – they will gladly pay a fair price to ensure there is support. That provides cash flow while the community provides content update.

    Two versions – open-source community and subscription-supported enterprise versions. Best of both worlds.

  12. KM says:

    After a long process of tool selection, we have identified Wavemaker as our development tool (couple months back) to build our flagship product. Currently, we are building the prototype with WM and are really amazed with the ease of development.

    With the recent news about VMWare we are little bit concerned and eagerly waiting (I know these things take sometime) on who would be the new owner and their direction with the product. There is a huge potential for WM if the right owner supports it.

    Waiting for your answers…

  13. KM says:

    Ed, Mike, WM developers;

    I totally agree with jguy. I have been in development for about 17 years and I am really amazed to see the capabilities of WM. I came from .Net world with little Java exp, but I was able to build a 6-page/13 tab/proof of concept app (with good DB design backing it up) in couple days. Even in .Net, this would easily taken week+….

    End of the day, it all comes to $$ …

    I am sure you have looked into this route, but wanted to give my 2 cents here; could we encourage development community to build apps or add-ons using WM that can be integrated with WM enterprise apps. These apps could be open source or charged as wished by the developer. This will allow more apps and tools to be part of WM and also generates revenue for WM and others developers/partners too (similar to iPhone,, Vaadin plugins, etc… ).

    Again, I am sure you thought about it too..


  14. Gyanesh says:

    Wavemaker is one of the best programming tool I have ever used. I hope a good sponsor comes along to support the development work. Best of luck.

  15. K says:

    Any news about this situation?!?!

  16. Ted Berry says:

    I really enjoy working with Wavemaker. I sincerely hope it comes back strong in the new home, wherever that may be. I would like to see some better reporting features added, but only after the dust settles from what has happened recently.


  17. david says:

    Looking forward to the next chapter!

  18. Craig Conover says:

    I just want to pile on top of all the cheers for Ed and Michael and throw in the less vocal, but equally talented Seung Lee (server side engineer). There is a cast of others, but this was the core of the engineering efforts over the years.

    These guys have taught me so much over the past 5 years both working along side them at WaveMaker and as a client (of sorts) in VMware IT R&D. It’s been my pleasure to work with them.

    Long live WaveMaker!

  19. Eddie says:

    WM is a great tool. I would like to see this project going.
    Please come up with some kind of paid service plan so that we all can support the development of WM.

  20. Patrick says:

    It is the end of the wavemaker adventure? Or wavemaker will be continued his futur development?

  21. Congratulation for the superb wavemaker development platform!

    Probably the best advanced web development concept yet created

    Please keep it going because this platform has all the potencial to be a great sucess in the near future. I believe !
    Looking at your close competition, you are far ahead from them!

    Yes and open-source doesn’t mean always free of cost.

    This excelent platform deserves to be paid for it.

    Greetings to all the WaveMaker Team!


  22. mohammad says:

    I love wavemaker and i wish the very best for it.
    but staying free is not the answer im afraid.
    i will be happy to pay for this wonderful piece of software.


  23. Giles tomkin says:

    Marvellous amazing work by Ed Callahan. Et al. More power to your elbows. Ditto to above comments

  24. Denis says:

    Wavemaker really is a unique product. There simply is not anything that can compare regarding its ability to offer a platform for “business developers” rather than “software developers”.

    I am not a software developer, but I have been able to provide my business with stable and friendly applications over the web. I have not found any other platform that would have allowed me to do this. The power is in the simplicity and binding together all necessary tools to build a complete database oriented web app.

    I hope it find a good new home that is willing to aggressively market this platform so it finds a larger audience.

  25. Alex says:

    Will you please someday bring out a php version of wavemaker? Writing and understanding code in java is so tough!!!

    Thanks for this great app.

  26. Santosh Kale says:

    Can any one have wavemaker 3.1 release software?

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