6.1.6 Beta

March 30, 2010

The 6.1.6 Beta is now available.

Since the last dev build, efforts include some solid improvements to related editors. For the ever growing list of features, changes and improvements in 6.1 check out the release notes.

Much thanks and appreciation to the community members who have provided feedback and issue reports on the DevBuilds.  Thanks folks ! We’re not done yet, but with your help, we are almost there.

Join the wave. Access the beta from the dev build page. Price of admission ? A community account. Register and let us know what you think !

WaveMaker 6.1.5 DevBuild 6 – Now Available

March 15, 2010

Thank you for your patience.  The next DevBuild is available.  We’ve continued to improve performance and reduce memory usage, including a number of improvements targeted to IE.  For the full list of features and improvements in 6.1 see the wiki.

Many of you have provided feedback and submitted bug reports for previous DevBuilds.  Thank you for providing the information.  Many of the reported bugs are fixed in this release.  See the fixed bug list or see Jira.

We are closely approaching the Beta release for 6.1 and will ship the GA soon there after.   We’re nearly feature complete and will be emphasizing bug fixes prior to shipping the Beta and GA releases.  If you encounter problems with the DevBuild please let us know right away so we can fix before the Beta.

If you are a registered community member you can download the DevBuild from the DevBuild wiki page.